Creo Engine

Creo Engine has been created to power Web3 gaming, connecting players and developers through an immersive and hassle-free experience to deliver next generation worlds, and has been backed by London Real Investments.


DiamondSwap is a peer-to-peer escrow exchange and marketplace that allows investors to sell their positions in a way that won’t show on the project’s charts, allowing entrepreneurs to raise capital without selling through the liquidity pool.

Skillful AI

Skillful AI is an advanced platform that empowers individuals by providing a personalised AI ecosystem enabling users to stay current with rapid technological advancements, as well as acting as a gateway to harnessing the benefits of AI.


Kino’s innovative platform delivers all the the perks of attending a Hollywood movie premiere from the comfort of a user’s home, allowing audiences to watch movies with the stars, ask questions and even attend the after show.


A commonly used acronym in crypto for “Do Your Own Research”, DYOR enables its users to discover and invest in on-chain tokens with just a few swipes, providing self-custodial solutions to help bridge the gap between people and DeFi.

ZK Pass

ZK Pass is an open-source protocol that utilises zero-knowledge proof to allow users to verify their identities without disclosing sensitive personal information, backed by the Investment Club alongside Binance Labs, OKX and Sequoia.