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If you are serious about learning the blockchain space and actively investing, I recommend the Crypto & DeFi Academy.
- Gail C, USA

You’ve probably read the headlines.

With price volatility across stocks and shares, the global cost-of-living crisis beginning to bite and central banks across the world hiking interest rates, as an anti-inflationary hedge, blue chip coins such as Bitcoin offer every investor a unique opportunity to protect the value of their assets.

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are widely regarded as a shield against inflation because of their limited supply, making them attractive to investors looking to realise gains from their portfolios.

While governments and their banks are printing money, cryptocurrency and DeFi allow investors to look after the value of their assets.

And that’s why more and more institutions and major funds are getting into cryptocurrencies. As regulation improves and marketplace maturity grows, investor confidence in this revolutionary new era of finance is building at a rapid pace.

Global brands such as Amazon, Apple and PayPal are all rumoured to be looking at incorporating cryptocurrency payments into their platforms.

Some are already suggesting that Bitcoin will eventually replace gold, rivalling the value of the entire stock market and ultimately, redefining the financial world.

And after 2021’s all-time-high market prices have dropped, there’s never been a better time for you to get into crypto.

And the reality is that trading crypto can be easy.

With the right education, community support and practical lessons, I not only believe that anyone can learn how to profit from this transformational technology… I believe everyone should.


Decentralised Finance (better known as DeFi) is a form of finance that does not rely on central financial “middlemen” such as banks, brokerages or exchanges to offer traditional financial instruments such as loans, mortgages and savings products.

Instead of relying on banks and other institutions, DeFi uses blockchain-based smart contracts to ensure that all transactions are public and transparent, including any fees.

Which means that traditional banking business-as-usual will be completely disrupted, with the customer and the speed of innovation being the big winners.

It’s estimated the Centralised Finance sector currently extracts over $9.1 Trillion annually from the global economy, which is more money than the utilities, communication services, and real estate sectors combined.

That’s at least $9 Trillion just waiting to be disrupted and redistributed on a mass scale.

No Middlemen

No more shady middlemen

No Bankers

No more bankers ripping out huge spreads because of a lack of transparency

No Banks

No more banks keeping their customers in the dark when it comes to dangerous risk exposure

DeFi and the Blockchain will completely revolutionise the way we the people understand and connect with our money.

Which is why my team and I are going all in and plan on spending the next 10 years teaching people how to understand, invest and profit from this new era of finance.


What are you waiting for?

In the Crypto & DeFi Academy, we’re looking for people who want to become part of the upcoming DeFi revolution.

We are looking for serious individuals only with ambitious investment goals and who want to learn how to harness the financial infrastructure of the future to create real value and generational wealth.

To be very clear:

*This is not a get-rich scheme and I am not promising overnight gains.*

We’re looking for people who want to invest in themselves long-term in this incredible technology and movement.

My team will be building and investing in the digital financial infrastructure of the future known as DeFi.

Sure there will be incredible opportunities, but also great risks.

Only those who are serious about making transformative change and creating financial freedom and generational wealth should join.

Crypto and decentralised finance are revolutionising the world of just don’t know it yet.
- Brian Rose

About The

Crypto & Defi Academy

Our next course is starting soon and is called The Crypto & DeFi Accelerator – The Keys to Unlock a $9 Trillion Marketplace.


22nd July


18th August

It consists of a 4 week, online course that will teach you LIVE how to invest and profit from cryptocurrency and decentralised finance.

Let me be clear – this course represents a significant investment in you and your financial future. If you’re not ready to do what it takes, do not join.

I’m doing this for two reasons:

The insights and perspectives I will be giving you are extremely valuable and cannot be found anywhere else.

I want this group to be small so I can dedicate as much of my time as possible to each individual.

Crypto & Defi Academy Syllabus

Over the course of four weeks, our Crypto & DeFi Academy syllabus covers four key modules on weekly live calls, showing you everything you need to know to go from novice to trading blockchain finance like a pro, and has already helped thousands of our graduates start profiting from crypto.

Learn via weekly LIVE Calls with Brian Rose, on-demand teaching modules on our e-Learning platform, and actionable assignments designed to get you off the benches and in the trenches!

Week 1

Decoding The Crypto & DeFi Marketplace History

In the first module, we cover the history of Crypto & DeFi, From Bitcoin creation in 2009 all the way to Ethereum 2.0 in 2021.

The module also highlights how we got here and this phenomenon represents The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History.

Only by understanding the past can we be in a position to predict the future.

  • Bitcoin Creation in 2009
  • Ethereum Creation in 2015
  • The Launch of Maker & Smart Contract Evolution
  • The First DEX or decentralised exchanges
  • The ICO Boom & Bust of 2017
  • Creation of the User to Contract Model
  • Uniswap & the Creation of Liquidity Pools
  • Synthetix
  • Black Thursday
  • Compound Liquidity Mining
  • The Crypto & DeFi Summer
  • The Emergence of Yield Farming
  • Ethereum 2.0 and more
  • The Boom & Bust of 2021
  • 2022’s Bear Market & FTX Collapse
  • The Bull Market of 2023 & Beyond

Week 2

Get In The Arena & Start Trading

  • How to Efficiently Buy BTC, ETH, DAI, Stablecoins & Altcoins
  • How to Bulletproof & Understand Your Hot & Cold Storage Systems & Wallets
  • Understanding CEXs vs. DEXs & Which Marketplace Suits You
  • Execute Your First Swap Across Multiple Platforms

Week 3

DEXs, DApps, Yield Farming, Complex instruments

  • Finance Your Coins – Yield Farming Basics
  • Complex Money Markets Explained
  • Understanding Liquidity Pools, Smart Contracts & Insurance
  • Derivatives – The Exciting Future of Crypto & DeFi

Week 4

How to Profit By Trading Crypto & DeFi to Position Your Portfolio for The Future

  • How to manage risk, a game of controlling your emotions
  • How to place asymmetrical trades for long-term gains
  • How to manage a portfolio of assets
  • How to setup and understand Stop/Loss orders
  • How to continually educate yourself on new market phenomenon… The best is yet to come!

Bonus Module

How to Trade Crypto & DeFi For Long-term Gains

  • Brian shares his positions and picks for the future
  • Brian explains how he manages risk (and his emotions)
  • Brian teaches the lessons he learned from 30 years of trading the financial markets


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It’s Official.

Our Crypto & Defi Academy Is A Huge Hit!

I love the enthusiasm that Brian and his team bring to the table. I particularly like the tracking of student accountability before the course even starts.
- Julia M, USA

Wow! I am so excited to be involved in an opportunity that not only provides first class mentorship, but also incorporates financial development among peers. I am impressed by the thorough layout of the course materials.
- Ralford K, USA

I was blown away by the positive energy and excitement of our team. The resources were high quality. This is exactly what I was looking for. My confidence is increasing so much!
- Nyan N, Canada

I feel so much gratitude that Brian and his team have put together this Academy. One of my main goals for the year was to educate myself on blockchain and surround myself with leading experts in the arena. I had already started the task and then Crypto & DeFi appeared
- David S, USA

Your Host, Brian Rose

Hi, I’m Brian Rose and 30 years ago I was one of the pioneers of trading complex derivative financial instruments that would go on to revolutionise finance and make Wall Street trillions of dollars.

It was an exciting time created by engineers from MIT like myself cooking up the most complex financial products ever seen and serving them up to customers with a voracious appetite for customised risk and reward.

Gone were the days of simple stock and bond trading.

Instead we could synthetically build any financial instrument you could dream of and serve it up with options, leverage, and on any platform you desired.

Later I would move to London, where in 1997 I brokered the very first interdealer credit derivatives swap and in 2004 the very first interdealer credit index swap.

I thought these incredible milestone experiences were only once in a lifetime.

But I was wrong.

Now it is happening again….but now even more rapidly in a completely decentralised way, growing at Quantum Levels, and this time it will be even bigger.

A lot bigger.

Which is why I have decided to go all in on Decentralised Finance in what I believe will be The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History.


One of my favourite movie scenes comes from WALL STREET when Bud Fox says

Life all comes down to a few moments, this is one of them.

Well this is your moment.

Will you seize this opportunity and help create the financial infrastructure of the future? Will you finally create that generational wealth that you’ve struggled to build your whole life?

Or will you let this moment pass like so many before it.

The choice is yours. Join now to become part of my team.

See you on the inside,

Brian Rose
Founder, London Real


If you watch London Real, that means you are willing to invest in yourself. I have spent several years and countless dollars building London Real before it ever became successful, and looking back on it, it was the best investment I ever made.

I grew in ways I never imagined possible. And these experiences will be part of me for the rest of my life.

When I look back to my MIT education, yes it cost a lot of money (loans I paid back for 10+ years!). But those rigorous four years shaped the man I would become in so many ways that I easily have received a 100x return on that investment.

So maybe you are asking the wrong question. Instead of wondering if you can afford this, how about asking yourself this:

How much is an investment for the rest of my life worth to me?

To paraphrase an old Chinese proverb:

The best time to get into crypto was 10 years ago. The second best time is TODAY.

Do you really want to wait another year until the next big bull run is in full swing and you’re buying at the top of the market along with the rest of the suckers?

You’ve been thinking about doing this for some time.

Fortune favours the brave. Be bold and pull the trigger. Join me on this course.

I spend thousands of dollars on digital courses every month in order to get myself and London Real to the next level.

There are some amazing products out there, but there is one thing they all lack: Accountability. We have a comprehensive approach – a special kind of accountability that no one else offers.

You see MOST of the digital courses out there are exactly that: DIGITAL. You sit at home alone and watch video modules. Sound like fun? Not to me.

I believe in teaching the old fashioned way. 

I will get you off the benches and in the trenches!

So when you sign up to my course, you get two LIVE 1-hour calls every single week.

You participate in LIVE zoom calls with the members of your class, many of who will become your friends for life.

Your London Real Coaches monitor your progress every day and push you to do the work you need to do in order to get the results you want. 

So if you want to watch some videos go to or buy someone else’s course.

But if you want to actually change your life, sign up to our Crypto & DeFi Accelerator.

We estimate you will need about 5 hours a week to attend the live calls, watch the module videos, complete the assignments and get results. Although just like anything else, it’s simple: the more time you invest, the more results you will see.

How many hours would you set aside over the next month to build the life of your dreams?

Our courses are specifically designed for everyone, regardless of where they live!

We’ve been teaching via Zoom for nearly a decade, loooong before most of the world discovered it in 2020.

All the live calls are recorded and available on-demand if you can’t attend something and need to catch up later. The video modules are available 24/7 via our e-Learning platform. And all assignments etc. are submitted online.

Most of our previous graduates live outside London, as far away as New Zealand, Botswana, Canada, Ecuador, Japan, Sweden, Singapore…you name it!

You will be able to succeed no matter what part of the world you come from.

Every week you’ll log your progress and be held accountable by me, my team and your fellow class members.

But if you start to fall behind, don’t worry, we’re here to keep you on track.

During our 4 weeks of working together, you will have two 1-hour interactive live calls with me.

You’ll also be assigned a Team Leader – someone who I have handpicked from former graduates of my Academy and is there to support you every step of the way as you progress through the course.

We also have a Community Manager – another experience pair of hands who can assist with technical issues AND who will chase you up if you start to slack!

And last but not least, you get a private e-mail with a <24 hours response time.

Just book a free 1:1 call with one of my Success Consultants here.

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