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Learn How To ATTRACT Wealth & Opportunities By Changing Your Mindset, Discipline, and Relationship With Money In Six Simple Steps

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"The Primary Difference Between A Rich Person And A Poor Person Is How They Manage Fear."

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck and feeling like you'll never be able to achieve financial security?

Or perhaps you’re ready to finally take control of your money and start building real wealth to create the life of your dreams?

Either way, you’re in the right place.

You see inside the Wealth Academy, we believe that by overcoming limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns is the key to creating a better financial future for yourself and your loved ones.



I worked for 15 years in the top banks and financial institutions in New York City, Chicago and London trading complex derivatives and making millions upon millions of dollars.

And I learned one thing…

“The primary difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they manage fear.”

It’s not the fancy degrees.

It’s not the wealthy connections.

It’s not having a “private banker.”

It’s solely how you manage FEAR.

So let’s start by being brutally honest:

Isn’t FEAR the paralysing force that prevents you from taking risks or making decisions that could potentially lead to financial success?

Does FEAR make you avoid taking on new challenges or opportunities, even when they have the potential to significantly improve your financial situation?

On the other hand, successful people often have the ability to manage their fear and use it as a motivator rather than a roadblock. 

Successful people may still experience fear, but they are able to face it head on and use it as a catalyst for action. 

Successful people are willing to take calculated risks and make decisions that may be outside of their comfort zone, knowing that these actions can lead to greater financial rewards.

Quite simply your ability to manage FEAR is the determining  factor in achieving financial success. 

Yes it takes courage and discipline to overcome FEAR, but once successful, you will achieve financial stability, prosperity and create generational wealth. 

Inside the London Real Academy we specialise in FACING YOUR FEARS and TAKING ACTION.

We ALSO believe that financial freedom is within reach for everyone, no matter their current financial situation. 

That’s why we have developed a detailed, six-step process to help you achieve financial freedom and take control of their financial future.

Our Six Step Roadmap To Creating Generational Wealth & Financial Freedom

It’s a comprehensive plan designed to help individuals take action, face their fear, and build long-term wealth.

Module 1

Recognize The Trap, Admit You Live In The Matrix, and Plan Your Escape Now

Understand The Reality You Have Been Sold And Unplug From It Now.

  • Recognise The Money Trap You’re Currently In
  • Admit You Live In The Matrix
  • Plan Your Escape Now

Module 2

The Mindset of Money - How To Start Attracting It Now!

Money is Only Energy – Unless It Flows No Value Is Created

  • Kickstart Your Money Affirmations
  • Remove Mental Blockages
  • Create Your Vision Board (Kiyosaki, Ronda Byrne, Joe Dispenza (our clip plus Howes)

Module 3

Poor People Work For Money. Rich People Make Money Work For Them. How To 10x Your Income.

A Paycheck Is A Drug Habit And A Death Sentence. Invest In Assets That Create Cash Flow & Generational Wealth.

  • Be creative, not competitive
  • How to magnify your business revenues
  • Passive Income Opportunities / How To Start Your Side Hustle
  • In The Meantime How to Get the Promotion

Module 4

How To Slash Your Expenses - You Need A Budget! (YNAB)

“Spend Extravagantly On The Things You Love, Cut Costs Mercilessly On The Things You Don’t.”

  • Get Real About What You Spend
  • Track every single monthly expenditure
  • Remove EVERYTHING not contributing to your success
  • Assess Your Debt And Start Eliminating It
    • Start paying down your debts, beginning with the smallest.
    • Secure a three-month “emergency fund” buffer

Module 5

How To Master Investing - Learn the Language of Finance

“Rich People Acquire Assets. The Poor And Middle Class Acquire Liabilities That They Think Are Assets.”

  • Do I Buy Stocks, Bonds, or Commodities?
  • Real Estate – Home Ownership & More
  • Early Stage Investing
  • Cryptocurrencies and Pre-sale Tokens

Module 6

Just F*cking Do It - Take Action & Create Your Winning Future NOW

High Performance People Make Decisions Based On Imperfect Information. Stop Thinking And Start Taking Action Now.

  • Fortune Favours The Brave
  • 10x Your Income
  • Plan Your Winning Year
  • Remove Negative Forces
  • Stay Focussed and Win

Bonus Module

Wealth Secrets From The Rich & Famous

  • Dan Pena
  • Grant Cardone
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Jim Rickards



  • Adopt a “Champion’s Mindset” to become successful in anything
  • Overcome fear and self-doubt in order to live up to your full potential
  • Structure your winning future through “Obsession”



  • Stop self sabotage by tapping into your powerful intuition
  • Rethink your relationship with money
  • How to instantly stop feeling guilty about your finances.


Access to Module 1 of our Crypto Accelerator

  • Bitcoin Creation in 2009
  • Ethereum Creation in 2015
  • The Launch of Maker & Smart Contract Evolution
  • The First DEX or decentralised exchanges
  • The ICO Boom & Bust of 2017
  • Creation of the User to
  • Contract Model
  • Uniswap & the Creation of Liquidity Pools
  • Synthetix
  • Black Thursday
  • Compound Liquidity
  • Mining
  • The DeFi Summer
  • The Emergence of Yield
  • Farming
  • Ethereum 2.0 and more


Access to Module 1 of our Kings of DeFi

Trade Like The Terminator Using The 1% Rule
How To Take Profits With Automated Orders & Reward-To-Risk Ratios

  • Why Emotional Trading Always Ends in Losses
  • How To Understand the 1% Rule of Risk Management
  • Understanding Reward-to-Risk Ratios
  • How To Use Nonbinary Positions
  • How To Manage Your Total At Risk Capital


Access to Module 1 of our Investment Club


  • What is an ICO, IDO, IEO And Why Are They Important Points of Primary And Secondary Liquidity?
  • How Do Blockchain Protocols Fund Themselves Before An ICO And How Can You Participate?
  • Money Matters: How To Understand And Evaluate Tokenomics – Pre-Sale, Sale, And Post Sale

Achieve your financial freedom

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Max worked hard at his banking job for years.

One day, he realised if he were to work that hard on his own business, the possibilities would be limitless.

Already a fan of London Real, he came across our episode with James Altucher, and started following James’s advice to write down 10 ideas a day.

The more ideas Max came up with, the more excited he got about what he could do.

Eventually he zeroed in on the area he was most passionate about. As he later told me:

I firmly believe there is a pensions crisis looming in 20 years time, so I am on a one-man mission to help as many people as possible.1

Even though Max had a lot of personal commitments and the timing wasn’t ideal, he decided to go all-in and join our course.

Max really threw himself into the course, opening himself up fully to his new network.

He took our challenge to make 10 in 10 days (which he admits he would never have done on his own). From that, he got great feedback that helped him clarify his idea.

Soon, “The Investing Coach” was born, a brand new business that started making revenue within 8 weeks!



Dr. Carla Stanton decided after a decade of treating more than 70,000 patients, to step out of the conventional healthcare industry and start a business using a more holistic approach to medicine.

Her initial idea wasn’t bad, but it was far too broad.

  • What particular market was she serving?
  • Who were her 1,000 true fans?
  • What does “holistic” mean anyway?

We took her through our step-by-step process until she finally niched down and created the “Dr. Stanton Eczema Treatment Method


She was able to find not just a few, but a pool of excited customers.

Today Carla has her own business where she treats patients on her own terms, while enjoying financial success at the same time.

You’ve got to get busy and engage with life because there’s NO COMFORT ZONE, you’re never at equilibrium -- you’re going slowly down or YOU’RE GOING SLOWLY UP.


“Monetising my Intellectual Property was a huge breakthrough. I could now take on any business & create a digital product.”


“I made $4000 by week 6 of this course. It is fast paced and adrenaline fuelled. I loved it so much I never wanted it to stop!”


“I came in with no business experience and no idea and i’ve now tapped into what i’m passionate about and what I have to give and i’ve created a thriving business from that.”


“This course will not only change your outlook on business but also your outlook on life. You’ll want to overcome every challenge you come across, and that’s the way to live your life.”


“You give so much value in this course, it’s too cheap and you pack so much into it! It’s just an incredible journey and anyone who wants their own business has to do it.”


“My goal will always be to share love and give value to the world and London Real provided me with the skills to do just that.”


“I wanted to give value and take the facets of myself and put them into a container to give value to the world, and London Real taught me how.”


“In the short time of 8 weeks I eliminated my business fears and now I help people every day.”


“I wouldn’t have done this on my own, I would have backed out…but I couldn’t let me team down and that’s what I love about this course. the accountability is priceless.”


“The strength of the network alone is worth the value of this course, I have a new extended family!”


“By week 6 my Intellectual Property was so strong I was flown in to present to a major Formula One design team!”


“The London Real academy shifted my paradigm. Leading with value is the biggest emotional, mental & financial reward.”


WHY THE Wealth Academy?

Dear Academy Member,

As you know, I spent 15 years working as a trader in some of the top banks and financial institutions in New York, Chicago, and London. During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best and brightest minds in the financial world, and I’ve learned a lot about what sets rich people apart from poor people.

One thing that I’ve realised is that the key difference between the two is their ability to manage fear.

It’s a common misconception that rich people are simply lucky or that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. The truth is, they’ve learned how to manage their finances, overcome their fears, and make their money work for them.

And that’s what I’m passionate about – helping others achieve the same level of financial stability and prosperity that I’ve been able to achieve.

That’s why I’m writing to you today. I’ve recently started the Wealth Academy, a financial education program that I truly believe can help anyone achieve long-term wealth and financial stability.

Our program uses a six-step process to help individuals overcome their limiting beliefs, face their fears, and build real wealth. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been managing your finances for years, I think you’ll find our program to be incredibly valuable.

I believe that anyone can achieve financial stability and prosperity if they’re willing to face their fears and put in the work. That’s why I wanted to reach out to you personally and invite you to join me and the Wealth Academy community. Let’s make this year your wealthiest ever!

To Your Financial Future!

Founder and Host of London Real

Achieve your financial freedom

Move to the next step.


If you watch London Real, that means you are willing to invest in yourself. I have spent several years and countless dollars building London Real before it ever became successful, and looking back on it, it was the best investment I ever made.

I grew in ways I never imagined possible. And these experiences will be part of me for the rest of my life.

Now I want to offer you the same London Real journey I went on, but without having to go through the mess of testing what works and what doesn’t.

Sure, you could do it on your own, but why leave your success up to chance? Why not give yourself a clear advantage by learning the right tools and surrounding yourself with mentors and like-minded starters?

When I look back to my MIT education, yes it cost a lot of money (loans I paid back for 10 years!). But those rigorous four years shaped the man I would become in so many ways that I easily have received a 100x return on that investment.

So maybe you are asking the wrong question. Instead of wondering if you can afford this, how about asking yourself this:

How much is an investment for the rest of my life worth to me?

I spend thousands of dollars on digital courses every month in order to get myself and London Real to the next level.

There are some amazing products out there, but there is one thing they all lack: Accountability. We have a comprehensive approach – a special kind of accountability that no one else offers.

You see MOST of the digital courses out there are exactly that: DIGITAL. You sit at home alone and watch video modules. Sound like fun? Not to me.

I believe in teaching the old fashioned way. So when you sign up to one of my courses, you get two live 1-hour calls every single week.

You get to participate in LIVE zoom calls with the members of your class, many of who will become your friends for life.

Your London Real Coaches track your progress, push you to be your best, and I’m not a big fan of excuses. So if you want to watch some videos go to YouTube.com, but if you want to actually change your life, sign up to our Life Accelerator.

It’s natural to have doubts, we all do, but if the thought has crossed your mind to start a business, you are probably on to something.

Remember that we all have invisible stories we tell ourselves. Growing up most of our parents never explained or encouraged entrepreneurship as an alternative to finding a job because it was deemed “risky” and there wasn’t any internet around. Today the possibilities to build a life on your own terms have never been so easy with all the tools and resources that are available.

It’s more about taking the mental leap than actually being ready, because there will never be a time where you are completely ready.

Not taking the opportunity to build something for yourself today will be the bigger risk than not doing anything at all. If you are reading this that means you have some kind of interest in starting a business. Imagine looking back 10 years down the line and not taking this chance, how will you feel about that? That is the real risk.

Even better.

Most people make goals that they believe will make them happy, but in reality won’t give them the life they want.

When you enter with a clean slate, you can go through our course with a free mind, and develop a goal that is worthy of your time.

At the end of this course, I guarantee you will be proud of the game plan you created.

Do you have enough time to be successful?

Most people who complain of not having enough time in their lives suffer from bad routines and an ungrounded mindset.

The Life Accelerator gets rid of that.

The high performance habits you will learn on this course will GIVE YOU MORE TIME to do the things you want to do.

Successful people have the same 24 hours in the day as everyone else, they just use that time differently. So will you after these 8 weeks.

Our courses are specifically designed for people living ANYWHERE!

With our Zoom LIVE call software we see each other face-to-face for two 1-hour calls every week.

Most of our previous graduates live abroad as far away as New Zealand, Botswana, California, Ecuador, Tokyo, Singapore, you name it.

You will be able to succeed no matter what part of the world you come from.

I always tell people it’s never too early to invest in your future. If you know you will get a 10x return, then why wait?

This course will not be offered for another year, do you really want to wait until 2021? What if by then it’s too late?

Just think back to December 2018 and your big ambitions for 2019. Did you accomplish any of them?

Why not? How would your life have changed if you could have reached your goals?

Fortune favours the brave. Be bold and pull the trigger. Join me on this course.

We estimate you will need about 5 hours a week to get results. Although just like anything else, it’s simple: the more time you invest, the more results you will see.

How many hours would you set aside to build the life of your dreams?

You will get access to all of our content, so if you need to pause or slow down, you can continue afterwards at your own pace.

In our 8 weeks of working together, we will jump on an hour long call twice a week together where we will track your progress.

Also, my team will personally follow up on your weekly progress throughout the entire course. And last but not least, you get a private e-mail where you will get a response within 24 hours.

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